Perigrine Farm Stall

 Perigrine Farm Stall Experience…


Every year I pray for change and new challenges. When I made the decision to move from being an operational paramedic to education, I could not be happier that all I worked for finally came for me. I found myself in the breadbasket of the Cape, the Overberg District. In my Metropole view, all I see here is farms, roads, and more farms. It has been a wonderful experience and a great way to grow as an individual.

The picture I painted about my life since I came to work this side has nothing to do with this post.

The spotlight is all on my favorite farm stall called Peregrine situated in the heart of the Overberg, Elgin Valley. From my research, this food house was established in 1964 and now hold house as a café, bakery, and a farm stall. I never liked pies growing up. This dislike was produced by a horrible experience I had with pies. I remember one day, I was so hungry to a point where waiting in a restaurant was no choice. Me and sister we opted for a pie shop. I ordered a pepper steak pie and a juice.  Shameless me, I took a huge chunk and regretted my discussion. The pastry was soggy and undercooked, not to mention the filling that was watery with literally three small pieces of “steak”. My last words after a fit I threw, I say to my sister: Never again you see me eating this junk. That was the last time I bought a pie, two years ago.

IMG_20160819_150346.jpgEveryone was telling me how good Peregrine food was and that I should make a turn there. The warning I got before deciding on visiting the stall was that I can get hooked. In my workplace, they know my attempts to lose weight and be healthy. The full parking area confirmed all my “I wonder’s”.  I went in not knowing what I wanted to buy.  A warm welcome from an aisle filled with different flavors of jam and honey. All the fancy breakfast goodies on display, my eyes moved from cereals to low carb granolas. The visual excitement was nothing compare to how watery my mouth was. I paced between the rows of that house until I made a stop next to the bread baskets. The disbelief of what I saw before my eyes, the smell, the freshness and the variety led to the first item in my basket. Straight across as I took a lazy glance was the bakery section. I saw pies from all works of life, Venison pies, steak and kidney, chicken and feta to name a few. I took home venison and the steak pie for my son. I fell in love with this pastry king once again, thanks to Peregrine.

On my way out, because I was on a budget I couldn’t pass the café’s carrot cake.  I had a first-time experience and I had to come back for a cheat day feast. Yes, I am hooked but I like it. I definitely recommend a turn so you can also experience the wonderland.  There is a lot to choose from for both adult and kids. Someone suggested that I should try their burger and chips meal and when I do I will surely make an update post.

Food is food…just enjoy it.


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