5 Weight-loss Friendly Foods


Are you trying to loose weight in a healthy way? A visit to your grocery store may be a good choice. Broccoli is rich with fiber, vitamins, mineral and low in calories which make it a best choice when it come to weight loss. When you are plating your next meal think about this: 100 grams of broccoli = 34 calories.

Brussels Sprout

These leafy green babies  are typically 2.5–4 cm (0.98–1.6 in) in diameter and look like mini cabbages. I find them very tasty when browned in bacon fat and serve them with the bacon bits, but then again different people, different taste buds. In a 100 grams of Brussels sprout, there is 43 calories.

Green Cabbage

I grew up eating cabbage to a point where I started hating everything to do with cabbage. During my weight loss journey, i adopted this leafy vegetables as my best friend not because of its nutritional contents but because it is supper low in calories and taste good when prepared right. 1 cup of chopped cabbage has about 21 calories.


Whether you choose to have this green leafy vegetable raw of cooked, you are still winning. In a 100 grams of spinach there’s only 23 calories. This is a good choice when choosing a vegetable to bulk in. I personally prefer using spinach in my smoothies and detox juices. Anything friendly to my waist is my best friend.


Green Beans

Though they’ve been in existence since who knows when, i only started eating green beans in my adult life. In my crippled opinion I though that they were boring and not worthy to be eaten by me. I tried them for the first time in a grilled vegetable salad I made and since then, they always make their way to my grocery cart. In a 100 grams of green bean you can expect to find 31 calories. Yes to team lets bulk of these veges.



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