My Keto Diary 

​Gaining weight through out my childhood led to people making assumptions about how unhealthy my relationship with food was. I had my son who’s turning 5 next month and I gained even more. I went up to 105kg. My love for cooking and food remained undanted.  I made a choice to loose weight simply because I was overweight and at risk for many chronic diseases.  I wanted to loose the weight to be healthy and live longer for my son. I am now weighing 84kg and proud of my hard work. The only thing I changed was my meal choices and excersise. 
After hitting 86kg I got stucked in plateau. I tried adding weights, cutting carbs and nothing worked. My goal is to weigh 70kg, fit and healthy. I planned smaller goals towards my bigger picture. My goal before end of 2016 is to be at 80kg and run 21km to my favourite restaurant for breakfast or lunch. I know that  sound crazy but it keeps me going.
I’ve been on an Intermittent Fasting Keto Diet. I fast for 16 hours and feast during the 8 hour period, from 12pm till 8pm. A ketogenic diet a low carb, moderate protein and high fat diet. On a ketogenic diet your body changes its fuel supply to run almost entirely on fats. The insulin levels become very low and fat burning increases. I started this week at 84kg and hoping for amazing results by the end of the week. I will be doing an update post with everything I ate for the weightloss if I did or maybe weight gain, lol because who knows lol.


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  1. Wow!!! I’m also on the LCHF lifestyle and honestly I’ve found it to be the most manageable particularly for anyone who enjoys their food! How is the weight loss going?


    1. CPT FOODIE says:

      I recently switched to Paleo i missed a bit of carbs lol bt Keto really worked for me. Paleo though slightly different its also working. Im intermittent fasting for more fat loss.

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      1. What is the difference between the two? I always thought they were very similar


      2. CPT FOODIE says:

        Keto is high fat moderated protein and low carbs its focuses on the 3 micronutrients and paleois more about food choices. You eliminate grain, dairy sugar and all processed foods but balance micronutrients in anyway u want.


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