Coconut Flour Cookies.

A typical off sick day at home entails cooking and a lot of feasting. I got home from the Doctor to find my son back already from daycare. He’s excitement to see me was priceless, and luckily I had sweets in my handbag lol. I decided to bake while we playing and poor guy, he took he’s afternoon nap before the oven bell rang. 

I got the recipe online and I add my own zing from the original recipe I saw. Bakes with flour, they taste amazing but they are also not friendly to my waistline…haha. I’ve challenged myself to make dishes that are both weighloss friendly and delicious. Today I made Coconut Flour Cookies using only 4 ingredients.

6 Tablespoons coconut flour
4 Tablespoons coconut oil
2 Tablespoons raw honey
Pinch Himalayan salt

– Pre heat oven to 180°C
– Combine all ingredients with a fork, you may put your mixture in a fridge if you coconut oil is melting and your mixture is runny before spooning.
– Spoon small balls of your mixture into a greased baking tray.

– Flatten with a spoon until they slightly flat (optional).
– Bake until they are golden brown. Keep checking at your oven as they quickly brown and might burn even.
Though the taste is different to normal flour cookies, I like it. They smell so coconutty and delicious … They are definitely worth a try, you might just get hooked lol.


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  1. BeaFreitas says:

    These sound reallly good !

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