Waffled heart…

I sometimes wonder if cooking and baking were not my likes, what would I do everytime I’m stressed or hurt. For every feeling of hurt and sorrow, I get to produce a dish for everyone to enjoy. It has been a rough couple of days for me and one thing I learned about myself is that I can forgive. I don’t understand how can someone be determined into hurting another human being, and find happiness in that. If it was for me drama and fighting wouldn’t even exist. It takes so much energy and leave everyone miserable and lonely. Why are we giving so much power to something that can be easily controlled and defeated. I cried so much yesterday even my M.M did not know how to stop me. I just needed to release the anger I had for feeling so powerless. I am trying so hard to do things civil so that everyone can be happy but it becomes difficult when someone involved is all about winning, they just want to win. I made a deal with God and at times I feel like I’m being tested as to how strong is my faith. I will not let a person  break the promise I made. I will not deviate to my old ways. The prize is just way bigger that anything else. For dessert and to comfort my sad heart I made waffles. I remember how excited I was when I bought my first waffle pan few days ago. I can now easily say that I’m slowly becoming a waffle Princess lol. I’ll later post the recipe for the Bran Waffles.


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