Happy Birthday To Me

An honor it was to dine in one of the best restaurant in Cape Town, the Tobago Restaurant. This beautiful restaurant is situated in the premises of the famous Radisson Blu Hotel Waterfront, Cape Town. A menu from a high ranked restaurant comes with a higher price tag and bringing reality into check, I visit such places only when there is a special occasion. My ever late sister did not spoil the evening as we arrived at 18:15 with an 18:00 table reservation. I panic once I lose touch with time. It was my birthday, imagine showing up and we are told the table is taken by someone else because we were late. High heeled and all, waiting for someone to finish their meal so we can take a seat would’ve  killed me and the vibe last night. When I made the reservation, the sweet-voiced lady even asked the occasion so they can prepare something special…and they did lol. I booked two tables for two people based on the availability, one outside and the other one inside because one cannot trust the weather on Cape Town.
On arrival, by default, we got a close by parking near the entrance. Wide smile offered to help and showed us to our table. I know her job is to make customers happy, but I felt special. Initially, we took the outside table but I felt a bit of chill and we went inside to a cozy corner table. The blue walls with lights, the candles, the atmosphere brought by the waitresses and the managers were amazing. I felt home, away from home.
I’m not a starter type, I alway go for the main course simple because I don’t see the need. I always I dine with a two-course meal, the main course and the dessert. I ordered a pork fillet and it came with some delicious small sweet apples( first time seeing or eating them), red cabbage, crispy mashed baby potatoes with skin and whatever they added to make them taste like gold. Everything was on a bed of coconut crumble (oh heaven). I love cheese even worse if it’s a cake, I can have a cheesecake every day and still have it made for my wedding lol. I ordered a cheesecake last night, pity my sister who doesn’t eat nuts did not taste the deliciousness of that cake.

I had a great time and the food lives up to the promise and maybe one day I’ll meet the chef and ask for advice.

Click here for their website tour: https://www.radissonblu.com/en/hotel-capetown


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